Friday, 2 December 2016

Taking Skin Beauty to the Next Level: Exfoliate

How does it feel to have radiant skin that not only looks flawless but also makes you look many years younger than what you really are? For many women, having skin that looks and feels youthful and radiant takes a lot of effort. For others, it is not always such a challenge. The truth of the matter is that many women have secrets! One secret in particular is a skin care cleansing cloth called Exfolia.
If you have ever exfoliated, you understand how refreshing your skin feels when you are done. You might also understand how raw your skin can become if your cleanser is too harsh or if you have scrubbed a little too hard. As a special exfoliating microfiber cloth, Exfolia exists as an alternative to harsh and gritty cleansers, scrubbing gloves and sponges: thus making your exfoliation experience pleasant and worthwhile. According to the manufacturer of Exfolia – Beauty Cloth, Inc. – other methods of exfoliation can cause damage to your skin or simply not clean your skin well enough. Exfolia, on the other hand, gently exfoliates all of the dead skin cells that rest on the top of your epidermis. Consequently all fine lines, scarring and blemishes can look significantly better after this special exfoliation process.

Each Exfolia cloth is 9 inches by 9 inches and lasts through about 60 to 80 uses. It is washable and works well for all skin types, tones and textures. For best results, Beauty Cloth, Inc. recommends running warm water over Exfolia, adding a dollop of your cleanser and massaging over your skin for several seconds.

What makes Exfolia different than other exfoliation products is the size of the fibers within the cloth. According to Beauty Cloth, Inc., Exfolia’s fibers are many times thinner than the fibers of comparable exfoliation products. As such, this extremely intricate and fine framework allows Exfolia to slough away more dead skin cells than what other products can. Even though the illustrations on the official website depict this claim quite well, no clinical study results are present as support. Therefore, consumers might begin to wonder how effective Exfolia truly is.
We don’t have to wonder at great length how superbly Exfolia performs, however, because consumer reviews are overwhelmingly positive on the official website and independent retailers’ websites such as and Many consumers praise Exfolia for its ability to reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines. In turn, this smoother skin serves as the perfect canvas for applying beauty products and cosmetics.