Wednesday, 19 October 2016

10 steps to glowing skin

10 steps to glowing skin

Who doesn’t want healthy skin that glows with radiance? There are scores of skin care products out there that can help you achieve this.

But until you adopt good skin care habits, no amount of external application will help. You need to take good care of your skin and pamper it for the products to do any good.
For your skin to be radiant, it has to come from within. I’ll say it again, you have to treat your skin well. Here are 10 simple steps that will guarantee a natural glow.

• Eat a balanced diet. What you eat decides how your skin looks. If you eat a balanced diet, full with vitamins and proteins and everything… your skin will show the natural radiance too. Just the same way, if you take in lots of junk food shows on your face.yes, you are what you eat and so is your skin.
• Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water everyday. It must be the most repeated advice for healthy skin but least followed. Drinking good amounts of water throughout the day keeps the skin hydrated and maintain the proper moisture levels.
• Get 8 hours of sleep daily. Unless your skin gets enough rest, there is no way it can function optimally. Lack of sleep will show on your face as under eye circles and eye sacks.
• Exercise regularly in order to improve blood circulation and oxygen movement throughout the skin.
• Avoid excessive sun exposure. The harmful UVA and UVB radiations of the sunlight have the potential to penetrate the skin surface and cause damage that cannot be reversed.
• Apply sunscreen daily. Lather yourself with sunscreen before you venture out in the sun. Apply it at least 15-20 minutes before you go out in the sun and reapply as directed.
• Exfoliate twice a day. Exfoliating scrapes off dead skin cells from the skin surface and reveals fresh new skin from within.
• Quit smoking and avoid excessive alcohol consumption as they tend to disrupt the skin’s moisture level and cause dryness.
• Don’t stress out. The frown lines on your face will make permanent residence if they stay for too long. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.
• Adopt a healthy skin care regimen and follow it religiously.

It is not too late. Just follow these simple habits in your daily routine and watch yourself glow!

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