Monday, 7 November 2016

You Have A Great Hair Salon Or Beauty Clinic: So Show Them!

In the world of business there are those who naturally know how to market and those who find themselves learning the trade over time by trial and error. If you are in business you need make money, or you won’t still be in business 5 years from now. Which means you need to know the heart of matter inside out; the marketing!

How does marketing work? – Marketing is a relatively simple concept. A product or service is created and a business aims to offer that product to the consumer. In order for the consumer to even know the product is available, that product needs to be introduced to the consumer; this is marketing.

While many people who work within the health, beauty and well-being sector of the business world believe their product is THE best one on the market, the consumer still needs to be convinced of that fact.
So while you’ve done all the therapy training, all the stylist courses, all the specialist health and well-being studies... your clients haven’t. They don’t know what you know about it all. They don’t know how your salon or clinic’s treatments, services and products can benefit them.

Bringing your product to the consumer, showing them the ways your product can better their lives or make their lives easier will convince them to choose that product and thus the sale is won.
The art of marketing is all about giving the consumer the information they need in order to trust in your salon or clinic’s product on the same level as you trust the product. They may never have the connection you have to the business, but they need to have the same, in depth information that convinced you to endorse the product.

Moving Them From the Street to You

When contemplating the marketing aspect of your business, you are essentially trying to make money. The customers you need to buy your product or service are out there, on the street, ready to hear what you have to offer. You need to go out there and get them.

Waiting in the background believing they will find you and your salon or clinic is simply not going to get you’re the success you want or the client you need in order to make your business into the money making machine it can eventually become.

Market, market, market and you will become the top-of-the-line, health, beauty and well-being product and service provider in your sector of the business world. You can make the money and create the lifestyle you set out to have, you just have to go out there and get it! 

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