Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

Waiting for more??What’s with an hour of making up your eyes if people go “eeeuuuu” at a glance? Yep! Some women seem to have the perfect recipe to get it all wrong. Right from the shades to the line to the mascara… Here are some horrible mistakes that you can suffer:

Monster Mascara

The more voluptuous my lashes, the prettier I look! It doesn’t work that way, ladies… it really doesn’t. Rather it makes you look like you have a huge tarantula stuck on your eyes. You need to understand that dabbing on piles of mascara DOESN’T look good. Rather, invest in a good quality mascara that has lengthening effects. All you need to do is apply two coats per swipe and say hello to great looking eyes. For fuller natural looking eyelashes just blow-dry your lashes carefully!

Un’line’ly Eye Liners

Eyeliners are not meant for lining the lower lids. Get that as straight as can be. Some women tend to substitute eyeliners for kohl. This is not done unless you are a pro of precision. And yeah, lining only the lower lashes makes you look like you’ve just been bashed up. You should always line the top lashes of your eyes and for the bottom lashes, you should be utmost cautious. Line the rim of lower lashes with the tip of an eye pencil carefully so that they look natural.


Now this is a tricky one! Eye-shadows should be used wisely and relatively. If you are going heavy on lipsticks, keep you eye shades towards the lighter side and if you have a light shade on your lips then you can afford to put heavy eye make-up. There you go! I’m sure with all this info, you would stay clear of all these horrible mistakes. Apart from eye make-up something more important is good eye care.

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