Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Skin care products to throw away regularly

Skin care products to throw away regularly

How are you? I’m sure you would have cleared away quite a bit of the junk in your make up kit by now (at least I hope so!).

Doesn’t it feel great?

So, here is more information about other throw-away products…

The base of all your make up. In fact the foundation has to its credit the largest area of application! So you can just imagine the extent of damage if it goes wrong. Foundation comes in different forms

Liquid foundations: They can be either oil based, for dry skin types or water based for normal skin types. Having a liquid base, they tend to be more vulnerable to bacterial growth and breeding. The right time to throw it away is when the texture becomes creamy and develops lumps.

Powder foundations: They are less likely than the former to develop bacteria. But no doubt they can be damaged. When the powder cake begins to break or develop a grainy texture, it’s time to toss it away.


The creamy texture of concealer is because of the oil and other hydrating agents in it. The best way to preserve it and make it last longer is by avoiding any contact with the hands and by washing the brush daily.


Mascara should be replaced every three months. Mascara tends to dry up very fast and also because of the constant pulling out of the bristle brush, the air tends to pollute the inside. And don’t even think of adding water to remove the dryness. You would only be giving the bacteria a breeding ground.

Eye Liner

Liquid liners can dry up very quickly if not stored properly. Therefore, be sure that you close the lid tightly after every use and store in a cool dry place. Pencil liners are a better than the liquid ones and stay for about two years.

There you go! Life cycles defined for all the components of your make-up kit!

Till next time… Byeee!

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